Solutions and use cases

We match you with your target market

We focus on the sectors of FinTech, AgriTech, Health Industry, Education and Construction in the West African Region. Joining AFRK50 Platform gives you access to a targeted and carefully selected audience of companies and professionals who joined the community in order to work with companies like you in these specific fields. You wont need to spend hours to target them directly as we do it for you directly on our Platform.

We take care of the marketing

We consider that Marketing can be a real bottleneck to grow and expand your company. Marketing is one of these vital elements that you cannot avoid when launching, growing and scaling your business. Therefore we want you to focus on the business itself. Our Platform allows you to get more visibility, use our differents tools to introduce your business accross the community and do that all in one signle place. All that within a targeted audience that we know is interested by the services or products that you are offering.

We connect you with the right investors and partners

You are interested to raise funds or to get a professional support to build your company? You are maybe looking for the right partners while expanding into a new market? Here you wont need to look for long hours for the right person or to check them through many times before trusting them. We do it and we match you directly to them.

We accompany you to safely expand in Africa thought our network

We hold your hand and support you to create your project or expand in one of the Western African countries safely so that your business continue to be focused and the new project is taken care of. Today our network is spread in Tunisia, Cote d’Ivoire, Senegal, Mauritania, Ghana, Cameroun, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Republic of Congo, Central African Republic and Chad.

Start Up

South African start up “African Style” creating and commercializing African styled bags is willing to expand outside of its country and enter new markets in Africa but also in Europe. Lynette and Fortune do need to better understand how to structure their company’s growth

  • Thanks to the large network of Business Accelerators that AFRK50 is offering, they get support from local mentors who help them to settle a Business Plan, create a strategy to expand abroad and instruct the basics of accounting
  • Thanks to the visibility acquired on the Platform,“ African Style” saves the cost of a website creation and is able to directly communicate with the targeted leads and convert them
  • They can sell their products directly through AFRK50 and reach a large amount of people
  • Looking for financial support to expand overseas, they advertise their company to the Investors and can raise sufficient funds through the Crowdfunding model of AFRK50


Charles is a known designer. He spent a part of his life in Nigeria then in the USA and is now based in Paris. He runs a successful designer company. He is willing to expand into the African market and was trying to gather all the required information to set up a branch of his design office in Abuja

  • In no time he finds a specialised law firm to set up his company
  • By publishing his company profile on AFRK50, he gets a large exposure in front of the African diaspora, SMEs, Corporations and people living on the Continent
  • Digital marketing services offered by AFRK50 enable him to market his company without heavily investing and constantly spending time to look for new leads
  • Thanks to the detailed KYC process of AFRK50, He is quickly able to find a reliable partner in Nigeria willing to represent his company on the Continent
  • AFRK50 is also helping him to select 3 highly motivated employees- one being a student of the local University- that will work with him on that new project thus saving him labour searching time